You Win Some, You Lose Some

I wish I could stay more dedicated to taking the time to write. I’m not sure why I go such long periods without putting pen to paper and then one day decide I need to start again, but here it is. One of those ‘start agains’…

I always start by saying how crazy it is around here and this time is no different. Finishing up calving and getting in the field can make for some hectic days. Troy is planting corn this very moment and I’ve been on cow duty almost every afternoon for weeks.
Actually, I just came in from losing a set of twins.
I noticed this cow having trouble, called on the guys who said to give her a little more time, and then called on them again when an hour later she still was not having it. We got her up to the barn just in time to see a tail coming out– that’s right, a tail, another backwards calf. Curtis struggled with it for quite some time to get it pushed back in enough to bring up it’s feet and when he finally did, the little thing came out dead. Just to be safe, he reached back in and surprise! there’s another one! The cow took no time in getting this second calf out, but to our disappointment, this one was also dead.
So I just lost two babies at once and am not at all happy about it. This makes three on my watch (the first was a tiny little stiff calf out of a heifer that died because there was nothing we could do). Technically I couldn’t have saved any of the three but I still see it as a loss on my watch.
On the other hand, I have saved lives too! One cow in the same situation as the one today as a matter of fact. I went down to check, saw only one leg, got closer to see that he was coming backwards and called in the reinforcements. That one had his umbilical cord wrapped around his hind leg and was pulled just in time to survive. In those circumstances I like to say I saved it, even though I did none of the pulling and stand there helpless waiting for the outcome. Another one was born on a very cold morning, the day her momma was to be sent on the truck to slaughter. I spent a couple hours rubbing her down in front of the heater and today she is missing her ears, but running around happy as can be with the others and the mother cow she was spiked on to.
You win some, you lose some, but I much prefer to win some!
My wins must outweigh my losses becase I’ve FINALLY been told I get to claim a cow as my own! Not just say she’s mine and everyone think ‘yeah, whatever’. They’ve called her mine! A pretty blue roan cow that came in on the feeder trucks and would be in McDonald’s by now had she not calved and gained some extra years to her life here with us. I just love how pretty she is. She’s a great momma too which helped my battle to keep her.

I guess those wins keep us going after a loss is thrown our way.

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