We’ve just come in from doing chores tonight and I immediately poured myself a glass of wine. Here’s why…

The weather here in North Dakota lately has made for an ice rink of a yard, cattle pens included. I can barely walk from the house to the barn without falling on my face, or butt…so imagine what it’s like walking through a group of cattle with added frozen turds to trip over. I’m not a huge fan and I’m pretty slow about it.

Anyway, during night chores, we let the fresh momma cows out of the barn for hay and water, and I bed down the calf pens while he checks over the cows yet to calve. After that we need to feed the bottle calf (from last fall). This means walking through 3 other pens to get to her. 
I ask almost every single time I walk through any of the cows at this time of year if there are any I need to watch out for (since as you’ve read, he isn’t the best at warning me until it’s too late).

We have to walk through the brand new mommas (calves are less than 2 days old) which is the temperamental group first/last.
On the way out, as soon as we got out the walk through gate, there was a momma on our tails, so I ask, “is she mean?”
“No, she’s just a b*tch, good momma..but I guess maybe she could be.”

On the way back, there was one waiting for us at the gate, I say “great, she’s already there” and he responds that’s not even the same cow. Ok.
I go through the gate first, start walking a decent pace for what the ice allows. When I’m in the middle of the two gates I hear “uh-oh”, stop and turn to see what he’s talking about. Turns out the cow was following me, not chasing me and when I stopped she stopped too, thank God.

We get out the gate and he asks why I stopped, I ask why the only thing he could think to say as a warning was “uh-oh”…

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