Yes Dear

My bed always seems twenty times more comfy in the morning than at night, so on the rare occasion that I get up early, have breakfast with my fiance and then bundle up to be out for chores right away I’d like for it to be a quick and easy morning…

This morning I was told to move a calf that weighs about 10 pounds less than I do, and hurry up. And I didn’t get the memo but, my “mind reader” was supposed to be on and synched perfectly. Oops.
Anyways, while he pulled one calf I checked some of the other cows. Then was sent to close a gate, that I can’t close, until he decided it needed to be open yet anyways. We searched for an aborted or very early calf, I fed the bottle baby, and helped (well okay, mostly watched) some mommas and babies be moved around in the barn. At least he moves the cows while I get to wait and come behind with the calf!
Now it’s feeding time, a little late, and there’s no room in the tractor to ride with, UNTIL the gates need to be opened, then there’s room! And two tractors and only one man (he hasn’t yet put me in to actually do chores) means he’d have to walk back from the feed yard to the other tractor unless… I drive a tractor out and walk back to the house, oh and open that gate he forgot on my way so those cows can come eat too. And be ready in a couple hours when he needs those gates opened. 

Yes Dear. 

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