Why am I checking these cows?!

Here I am, still pissed that this original post got lost somewhere between hitting “post” and actually posting, that I’m going to try to come up with something similar. I STILL cannot for the life of me remember exactly how my story went or even how it started, so I know this won’t be near as good as it was fresh off my mind, but here it goes….Image

One of my favorite times of the year here on the farm is calving season, not because I like it when I’m woken by a freezing cold body crawling back into bed after checking that heifer one last time, or because I wish to have a crabby fiance who thinks he’s lacking too much sleep (even though I catch him napping almost daily), but because on days like today when the sun is shining, I can walk outside and watch all the little ones either be sprawled out in the sun or running and bucking like the wind.


Last year at this time I experienced a couple of rounds of “checking the girls” by myself while someone else was sleeping or they knew it was a slow day and didn’t want to take time away from whatever else they were doing to run to the barn. I found one new calf last year, ran across the yard to my boyfriend and told him he needed to go get it in the barn.

This calving season has started off a little differently. One day a couple weeks ago, I was left completely alone out here while the guys went to go get a new feeder wagon, which meant I had the calf check for the afternoon. I went outside thinking it was probably going to be an uneventful day since they left for so long without worry. I was wrong. I no more than got through the barn and out to the pen when I spotted a wet little calf shivering in the wind.
Immediately my heart beat sped up and I called my fiance to ask what he wanted me to do; I should have known he’d tell me to get it to the straw room in the barn because they were still hours from home.
I went back to the barn, got the calf sled, and started my mission with my nerves racing. I knew of a few mean heifers they’ve come across this year and I am not a huge fan of cows on any day, so I was freaking out. I almost chickened out more than once when the new momma would look at me a little too long or swish her tail once. But then I’d see that baby, shivering and wet, and think “come on Jess, you at least need to put in a good effort”. And I did. I got that baby into the sled, which was no easy task for a wimp like me, and drug it back to the barn and into the straw room as quick as I could. After I finally had momma and baby locked into the warmest spot they could be I felt overwhelmed with accomplishment. I was so happy I did it myself that I left the barn barely remembering to turn off the lights and close all the right doors. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re all alone with a little life on the line!


Anyways, since this day, the guys don’t hesitate to leave for a few hours and send me to the barn to check the girls. They’d be in big trouble if a calf needed to be pulled or there was a feisty momma cow calving though!
So yesterday, as Troy was glued to his computer to watch the sale and wait for some heifers he was interested in to come through, he sent me to the barn to see if there was any activity out there. I was out for not even 10 minutes, when walking back to the house I got a text asking “everything ok, what’s taking so long”. I get in and proceed to tell him that I didn’t think I took that long and I had to peek at the babies that were born since I’d been out last. He then says “Ok, just didn’t know if a cow had you pinned in a corner or something”. UHM, EXCUSE ME? You know there are questionable cows out there and you sent me, just so you could watch your computer screen? I mean, I’ve known for a little while that the heifers are about done and we are into older cows now, some of them with a history of having a bad attitude for a day or two after calving, but I figured if there were any bad ones he’d at least warn me BEFORE I went out instead of after I was done. Wrong. 

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