frustrated because…

Ok all, I’m completely new to this site and to blogging in general, but after things happen such as what happened to me this afternoon I seriously question why I want to put my words to a blog.

I wrote a pretty kick-butt post earlier today (photos and all) after checking cows, about checking cows, on my Droid through the WordPress app. I then hit “publish” and it completely disappeared into thin air, I mean completely gone. I’ve been so frustrated ever since that I can’t get my words to come together to even try to re-write my story. I even resorted to google to read how to recover lost posts with no luck as it apparently never saved as a draft on my phone and I’m not sure exactly where the “trash” is on this site yet. To make matters worse, I’m the type of person who usually has to copy EVERYTHING to good old fashioned notebook paper, and as I was in a hurry to complete my post while it was fresh on my mind, and figured I could copy it later, I have no draft of it at all.
I’m so angry I can’t even remember how my post started!

I don’t plan to ever post about this subject again, but I can’t help but wonder how many others this has happened to. Were any of you able to recover your work? Is it worth it to even try to post from my phone again (it takes me much longer to write, but I can add my photos so much easier)?

Suggestions and advice are very welcome!!!!!!

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