My New Life

In November of 2012, I took a big step in my life. I left my job, my friends, and put some distance between my family to come out to Brown Farms and live with Troy, who is now my fiance.


I’ve always known I wanted to live on a farm and raise any children I might have into farm life. I knew that this would be a different type of “farm” than I grew up on, but I was excited to learn and be a part of his everyday life. It’s proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 
It’s very easy to think about the perks of being out here on the farm: the horses, the baby calves, no nosy neighbors, peace and quiet. But there were definitely things I needed to get used to, one of the biggest being that at this time of year, all plans can change at “the drop of a calf”. Cows come before girlfriends, fiances, and I’m sure wives, that’s just the way it is. When spring planting comes and then harvest rolls around, it is the same way and we barely leave the farm. There are plenty of days when if I want to spend time with him it means I’m out opening gates during chores, helping to sort or move cows, work calves, or riding in the semi, tractor, combine for hours. We eat a lot of meals on the go and in the field.  I’ve learned that we don’t have “dinner time” or “supper time”, we eat whenever it works for us that day. 
In the beginning of this new life, I’d get frustrated, hurt, and angry about some of these things. I’d like to think I’ve greatly improved up to this point. Yes I still get frustrated when I’ve made an awesome meal I know he loves and he doesn’t get in the house until an hour after its done, but I realize that neither of us can change this and its so much easier to be understanding than it is to be mad. 
All that being said, I wouldn’t change this new life for anything. Sure there are days when I miss how much time I used to spend with friends or seeing all the people I saw on a daily basis who’ve been replaced with cows, but I know that someday, when I’m looking back on this time of my life, the beginning of our lives together, I know I’ll be forever grateful for even the smallest experiences (my first calving season, my first really busy spring/fall on the farm, and all the other firsts we’ve gotten to experience together) that I’ve been allowed all because I fell in love with Troy Brown. 

Here I am, in my second calving season and I’ve saved my first calf from frozen ears! &&& it’s only going to keep getting better!

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