Lovely North Dakota Spring

As I sat in the ranger this morning, watching gates while the guys moved windbreak & calf shelters AGAIN, I’m wondering why the heck we choose to live and raise cattle in North Dakota?!

This spring started warm and bone dry. For the last week however, it’s been cold and wet- rain or snow every day kind of wet. We’ve gotten about 6 inches so far, if not more (and we were worried it’d stay too dry for the grass and crops to grow).

The calves are getting sick and the yard is a muddy, sloppy mess. There is no dry space for the cattle in the lots and the home pastures are getting pretty tore up.  The men are getting cranky and I, as the lucky wife, get to enjoy the brunt of the crankiness.

When you put a pot of chili on, on the morning of May 18th, it should not be so that everyone has a nice warm-up meal after morning chores, just because you like chili would be a much better reason.

In the words of my husband: “Any body that complains about beef prices should try caring for livestock in this weather”.

I guess we can just be thankful it wasn’t like this all spring and all those days we were sorting pairs in the wind- and we thought that was bad.